Inventory Keep is an Enterprise class inventory management system. This software has been widely used in Warehousing and In store record keeping units. With this software stores can produce timely and detailed reports on several aspects of data including.

  • Inventory Stocks
  • Transactions
  • Data Operators Involved
  • Orders Placed

The application has been built using WFP .NET and SQL Server and for Reporting it uses uses Microsoft Excel. Even though the application is complete and in its full format, but in order to cater for organizational needs we have the ability to re-brand the software and include modifications if required.

  • Multi Level Categories
  • Supplier Information
  • Order Tracking
  • Ideal Quantity / Warning Quantity Alerts and Warning
  • Complete Transaction Tracking
  • Recording Placement and Serial Numbers
  • Balance Reports
  • Grouping and Pivoting Live data
  • Multi User Environment
  • Forecasting Demand

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